June 2015

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Today's businesses generate more data than ever before. For many businesses, though, backup and storage strategies have not caught up with their more necessary use of computers. These days, a backup is more than plugging in a piece of hardware.  Since backup and storage needs for individual organizations differ, a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely going to fit in terms of either budget or functionality.

Here are 5 Common Backup Solutions

1. Direct Attached Storage: DAS denotes storage devices that are connected directly to a PC or server.  Today, this is typically a USB Flash Drive or an External USB Hard Drive. This coupled with a strong software solution is good for getting backups done in a non-disaster situation.  This backup data is readily available for restore in the event of an accidental deletion or a data recovery for a failed or failing hard drive.

2. Network Attached Storage: A NAS appliance is a storage device that connects directly to your network. It features the capabilities of a file server and accepts multiple storage drives. Redundancy is offered in the form of RAID capabilities.  The advantage here is that ability to backup multiple networked computers to the NAS.

3. Disaster protected storage: As its name suggests, disaster protected storage — which can come in the form of DAS or NAS — is hardened against the type of disasters that would have easily destroyed unprotected data. Disaster protected storage appliances can withstand fire for up to 30 minutes and total immersion in water for days.

4. Remote Online storage: The remote online storage is designed to help consumers and businesses store or back up data in the cloud. This cloud storage can work very well if backing up data incrementally, and requires no up-front capital investments. The downside, though, is that data retrieval may take a long time should you require full data recovery.

5. Remote Private Cloud: Not comfortable with placing their data in the hands of a public cloud, some enterprises have taken to building privates version of cloud services to gain some of the inherent benefits of electricity and flexibility. Though this was once out of the reach of small business, innovations mean that small businesses may yet be able to tap into private cloud storage.

For critical data, businesses should make two full copies, maintained on separate physical devices. In addition, a third copy should be kept either offsite or remotely online. Having two complete copies offers some measure of business continuity by allowing organizations to continue with their business as usual even with the complete loss of one set of data. The offline copy, meanwhile, serves as an important hedge against inadvertent mistakes, natural disaster, theft or outright malice. 

At ARCCOMP, we have been servicing needs or small and medium sized businesses for over 30 years.  We have personally coached and consulted with our clients on the best solutions for backup and disaster recovery for this entire time.  Although technology has changed dramatically over this time, we help keep our client’s data safe in multiple ways with the latest technology.  If you aren’t sure about your backup and disaster recovery plans, feel free to contact us for a free evaluation and cost analysis.

Web Site Design

Web site design comes in all shapes and sizes.  There are flash sites, content management systems, database driven, informative, or sales related.  They can be as simple or complex as the imagination of the business and designer.  We have designed hundreds of sites and continue to do so today. If you are in need of a particular site – whether simple or complex, contact us with your needs and wants and we will furnish you with a price quote specific to your needs.  We can do it all for you – register your domain, setup and design the site, supply the hosting and email, whatever you need.

Replacement CPU

250GB SSD Hard Drive
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10/100/1000 Network Interface
1 year on-site warranty
Delivered and setup at your home or office


This is a quality PC that is fast and reliable. Transfer of existing operating system and files can be done at a nominal rate. Computer is built and tailored for optimal business use.

Over 34 Years of Professional Service

Hundreds of small and medium sized businesses call us first for one of our professional technical services. Our services continue to expand with technology and now include: 

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Overall Office Optimization
Offsite Remote Backups
Virus and Malware Cleaning

Secure, Safe and Affordable.


$440 / year

10GB – 50GB

$770 / year


$990 / year

We use safe and secured backup software via the internet that compresses and encrypts the data.  Archiving plans also available.  Our Servers Are Guaranteed Reliable, Redundant, and Secure.

High Speed Internet Connection Required

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