Service Fees

We offer three different ways of billing for our services:

  • Non-Contracted Service Fees (Hourly Rates)
  • Annual Contracts
  • Block Time Service Agreements

Non-Contracted Service Fees

These are the rates for services for non-contracted work

  • Onsite Work (Networking, Hardware, Software) – $150 /hr
  • Depot Work (Items delivered or returned to our shop) – $75 /hr
  • Remote Support – $75 / hr

Onsite work is a one hour minimum and billed in increments of a half hour after that.

Depot and Remote support is billed in half hour increments.

Annual Contracts:

Annual contracts are custom programmed for each client.  The fee, paid monthy, is based on age, type, make and model of your equipment.

Approximate rates per device are as follows:

  • Laptop: $30 /mo
  • Desktop PC: $60/mo
  • Server PC: $90/mo
  • Inkjet Printer: $20 /mo
  • Laserjet Printer: $25 /mo
  • Large Laser/Scanner: $50/mo

Call us for an exact quote to match your needs.

Block Time Service Agreement  

Selected Service: 
·         10 Hour BTSA …………  $1300.00 ($130.00 / hour)
·         25 Hour BTSA …………  $3000.00 ($120.00 / hour)
·         50 Hour BTSA …………  $5500.00 ($110.00 / hour)
·         100 Hour BTSA ………. $10,000.00 ($100.00 / hour)
·         200 Hour BTSA ………. $18,000.00 ($90.00 / hour)
This block time can be applied to any repair, upgrade or troubleshooting service to the Client computing equipment within above company and any approved satellite offices with approval from above representative.    Requests for support should be initiated through one or two primary contacts, such as the above representative via phone or e-mail to ARCCOMP. This block time service agreement covers labor costs to repair or upgrade computing equipment. Parts necessary or requested are billed as needed with prior approval from Client or Client Representative.
Service Hours and Response:
Service hours that are covered within this agreement are from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. During these hours, the exact amount of time on each service call will be deducted from the total time with no service call minimum charge. This block time can be used for service outside these normal hours of operation but will be subject to a deduction of a standard minimum time of 1 hour. The response time for down equipment will be guaranteed to be within 2 hours from receipt of call. Service agreed to be by both vendor and client to be non-critical, will be responded to within the agreed upon time between the vendor and client at the time of call.
After each service call, you will receive a statement with details on what work was performed, charges for any parts used and your balance of time remaining. If you have less than an hour or expended your current block time, your statement will include an invoice for a charge of block time equal to your current level. The BTSA does not expire and can be used on any repair, upgrade or troubleshooting service.