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Why buy your next computer from ARCCOMP?

ARCCOMP has been serving the Phoenix area since 1990 and been building personal computers since they started in 1980.  We build every PC we sell.  There is no other way to achieve the flexibility and speed that you get with our custom line of computers.  From a desktop workstation to a high performance server, the formula is the same, build it with the best of the best components; provide personal, local, friendly support; and deal with a shop that stocks all the parts needed to get your equipment back in service right away.

Every part that goes into our custom systems is manufactured by the industry leader. This assures that you are running the most reliable, compatible, highest performance machines available anywhere. We never build with no-name white box non-supported parts.

Don’t be fooled by an ad that has all the right numbers but no brand names listed with the system components, there is a difference. We clearly state the manufacturer of every component that is in our systems. We stock all the parts necessary to repair a system.

Did you know that most factory service departments would not try to retain your data? They simply format your hard drive and reinstall only the software that was originally shipped on your system.  Due to their inflexible fine print we are often paid to install parts on computers still under warranty to mail order vendors.

At ARCCOMP we bring unmatched expertise in computer services to the greater Phoenix area.  With our full time technicians the turn-around is fast.  We know the product we sell inside and out.  We base our custom system configurations on bang-for-the-buck. We never sell a product that we have not run ourselves and fully evaluated.  If this is the type of equipment and service you have been looking for we have some news you’ll want to hear – our systems do not cost more!